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Transformation.   Rhymes with conversation.


Users get two snapshots of their patterns in conflict, one in Calm settings and another in Storm.



The Style Matters conflict style inventory gives detailed, personalized feedback for conversation and deep learning in classroom and team settings. Reflecting multi-cultural awareness and recent research on the brain under stress,  Style Matters brings up-to-date understandings of conflict and self-management to your group. 

  • Its eight page score report highlights user strengths and offers detailed practical suggestions for self-management, based on the user's data.   View sample score report from the online version.
  • Two score sets, one for Calm and another for Storm settings, alert users to shifts in behavior as heat rises.
  • Tips for partners - based on scores - make it easy for partners and teams to discuss how to support each other.
  • Clear discussion questions and free trainer's guide provide a simple framework for reflection and learning.  View sample discussion questions.  Download free trainers guide.
  • Users have ongoing access to their account for later review and retake.

Whether at home, in a classroom, or with colleagues on a team, Style Matters creates learning spaces that transform.   

Online Version 

  Academic and Non-profit Trainers Premium Trainers
2-5 users $12 per user $29 per user
6-99 users $11 $20
100+ users $10 $16
Anonymous users(no user
data recorded)
$13 all levels Same as above
Features included Free trainers guides, pre-paid coupon code access for your users, web access to Intro to Conflict Styles Powerpoint. Support as available. Dashboard available for $2 additional per user. Free trainers guides. Coupon Code Access, Anonymous User Access, Dashboard, ability to export and aggregate scores. Unlimited free first-priority support for trainer in setup and design of training. Unlimited free first-priority support for your users. Your own portable copies of Intro to Conflict Styles slideshow in Powerpoint and Prezi.

Print Version 

Minimum Purchase: 25.  Shipping is additional.

  Academic and Non-profit Trainers Premium Trainers
Full color booklets    
  • 25-100 copies
$14 $16
  • 100+ copies
$12 $14
Black/white booklets    
  • 25-100 copies
$ 12 $ 14
  • 100+ copies
$ 10 $12

Rights to reproduce

We send you a PDF and you print the number required. Minimum quantity: 4

$ 6 $ 10

Features included

Free trainers guide, web access to Intro to Conflict Styles Powerpoint or Prezi. Free trainers guide, web access to Intro to Conflict Styles
Powerpoint or Prezi.


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